Case Study - Titanbay

Why a VA?

The team at Titanbay had agreed that extra support was needed for the senior team. Hiring an in-house PA or EA at the time was not an option and the general consensus was that flexible support was the solution.

Joanne had previously worked with Trevor Isherwood, their Global Head of Marketing, and he recommended the Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance having had a successful experience himself.

Prior to seeking extra support, the team at Titanbay were finding it tough to apply streamlined processes to their diary management and suchlike, due to the rapid growth of the company. They knew at the pace they were growing, they would need to put standardised processes in place for efficiency and so as to become more proactive and organised.

About Titanbay

Titanbay is the preferred private markets investment platform for sophisticated investors, private banks and asset managers. 

The Titanbay platform supports professional investing in private markets with best-in-class fund offerings, supported by detailed insights & analytics and a streamlined fund onboarding process.

We spoke to Natalie, Director, People & Culture about how invaluable the support of Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance is to the company and their senior team.

“Knowing I can rely on things just being done in the background has had a hugely positive impact in the business. I have peace of mind knowing that I can trust the team to use their initiative along with getting things done.”

“I get the impression that Joanne truly believes in what she’s doing and in her business. This fills me with confidence and is clearly why she attracts such a high quality of team members. It’s great that the team at JMVA all work together cohesively and coherently, and it feels as though they are part of the Titanbay team.”

“Simply put, it’s a blessing to know that I’m working with great people and I sometimes feel extremely spoilt by it all.”

“Since working with Joanne and the team I’ve been particularly impressed by the all round efficiency of everyone. It certainly doesn’t feel like an external body supporting the business, it feels like Joanne and Co are part of the business and part of the team.”

The benefits

Natalie continues to be particularly impressed with how the team at JMVA are able to navigate anything new that their support may entail. While new systems, policies, platforms, and processes are being put into place, Lauren, Claire, and Tamsin continue to be more than capable of using their proactive approach to learn what needs learning and do what needs doing efficiently and effectively.

Each of the team has supported multiple executives as the company progresses and evolves. The challenges Titanbay were facing were due to their rapid team growth and having the support of JMVA has been vital in allowing the team to better communicate and orchestrate their working lives.

The team at Titanbay are now well organised and proactive, knowing that the team at JMVA are orchestrating activity behind the scenes. Diaries and meetings are coordinated, events planned and executed, and communication is efficient.

Adding value

Natalie talked about how for her, having the support of Tamsin at JMVA has had a hugely positive impact on her stress levels and mental health. Knowing she has someone looking after things for her has meant she can fully immerse herself in her actual role rather than concerning herself with the admin and organisational operations that her role comes with. Tasmin takes care of numerous tasks including managing Natalie’s inbox, diary management, ordering staff gifts for birthdays/work anniversaries, researching and booking event locations and restaurants for ExCo meetings, international travel bookings, keeping credit card receipts up to date, liaising with various people to set up meetings/booking rooms at the office, and beyond!

Tamsin also supports Titanbay’s Chief Operations Officer, Senior Legal Counsel, and other senior execs when needed.

Natalie says the level of experience and expertise that the JMVA team exhibits is invaluable. Additionally, Natalie loves the fact that she can trust and rely on Tamsin and values her opinion thoroughly, knowing that she has an acute understanding and awareness of what’s needed.

Lauren supports Titanbay as a trilingual EA and really enjoys working with a forward- thinking company which values its staff. Having previously supported the CEO and now two Directors, Lauren organises complex international travel, team events in London and overseas including international luxury catering and supported the CEO’s international relocation, including family liaison.

Claire supports the Global Head of Marketing with diary management, travel arrangements, team meetings, client events, expenses, coordinating team birthday and thank you gifts. Claire has supported other Executives and feels the team at Titanbay and the team at JMVA work as one supportive unit.

Why Us

Joanne had already come highly recommended, and upon introductions, Natalie knew Joanne and the team would be a great fit. The flexible and adaptable approach at JMVA means that all eventualities are covered for the senior team at Titanbay. Each member of the team has unique requirements, and Joanne’s team has the ability to provide just the right person for them. Natalie was impressed with the efficiency of communication as well as the speed and level of understanding Joanne displayed during their first conversation and beyond.

The team at Titanbay knew they would need high-level flexible support, and Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance were able to provide this. Additionally, the team at JMVA is thrilled to support such an amazing and inspiring, fast growing business and respond to their increasing needs by adding more of our team to support theirs.

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