Event & Meeting Support


Event Organisation

Our team has experience in arranging meetings and events large and small. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a board meeting, or a conference/exhibition, we can be there to help you every step of the way.


Event Travel Planning

There is inevitably a lot of travel planning to be done around any event. Whether it’s simply booking parking at a meeting venue, or co-ordinating delegate travel to attend a conference overseas. We can help with researching the options, booking the travel and communicating the plans to your team. We can also liaise with hotels and venues to make sure that you have everything that you need when you arrive.


Agreeing dates

Organising many meetings and events often starts with deciding a date. This could simply be the first date your team is available, or you could be trying co-ordinate a multitude of people in different parts of the world. Maybe there is a key speaker you really want to be there and need to find out their availability. We can help arrange your event from the very beginning, contacting key people and finding the optimum date for your event to be a success.


Venue Finding

With so many options for events from hotels and conference venues to zoos and museums, it can be hard to pin down somewhere which offers exactly what you need. From the size of the venue, the catering options and the IT support to the location, local transport options and budget there is a lot to think about. We can help you with researching possible venues within your budget, contacting the venues with your requirements and will provide you with a shortlist.


Organising speakers

There’s a lot more to organising your speakers than just booking them in the diary. For example, are you arranging their travel, who will be meeting and briefing them, do they need any background information? We can co-ordinate this to make sure they are looked after and have everything that they need.


Preparing and issuing agendas

Whether it is a board meeting, or a conference – you need an agenda or running order so that everyone is on the same page – and it also helps to keep the event running to time. For conferences, we can help work out the best times for breakout sessions and workshops and even when you should break for lunch! For board meetings we can start by reviewing past meeting agendas and creating a cycle of business so that nothing gets missed – maybe there are important regulatory deadlines you must not miss or standing items that need to be covered at the same point in the year. From these we can draft your agendas and share these with the Chair for approval before circulating to your team.


Preparing and issuing meeting/delegate packs

It can take a lot of time to pull together the information that you need to present to your Board, but we can help with that. We can start by creating the templates for your meeting and circulating these to the contributors, and then following up to make sure all the information is received back in time. We can help prepare the meeting pack and then get this out to attendees in plenty of time for people to read it before the day of the meeting.
We can also help you gather the information that you need to create delegate packs and even help you design these (business support), get them printed and delivered ready for your guests to arrive.


Minuting meetings

Preparing for and minuting meetings is important and often done by an attendee of the meeting, or the Chair themselves. If you are chairing or attending a meeting AND taking the minutes, you won’t be fully engaged in the conversation – you are there as a contributor, so contribute. As a business grows, it may be beneficial to outsource this often time-consuming task.


Preparing and distributing actions

All too often meetings take place, actions are agreed, the minutes are taken and then …. nothing! We can help by creating a record of all the tasks your team decided were important and follow up with your team to make sure that they happen, so that when you review the minutes of the last meeting, you can be confident that your team has taken the agreed actions forwards.


Event Facilitation

There is an awful lot that has to be considered when arranging any event, however small. Whether that’s dietary requirements, liaising with the AV/technical support, co-ordinating speakers or welcoming people on arrival, we can help facilitate your event remotely in the planning stages or on the day of the event in person if you need some extra support.


Invitations and RSVPs

We can help write and send out invitations by post or email and monitor the replies for you. Liaising with the venue to keep them updated on the attendee numbers and communicating any dietary requirements. We can also answer any questions that your guests may have, to make sure their experience is great from the start.


Event Promotion

Whether it’s helping you design the invitations, create posters and leaflets or even images for your social media channels, we have a talented designer on our team who can help you to create a consistent and eye-catching brand, to help with promoting the event.


Post-Event Follow Up

If your event is not a one-off, it may be useful to consider gathering feedback you’re your delegates. The food and the venue always get people talking! We can create forms to gather the feedback and then analyse this to present back to you in an actionable format. We can write a blog on the event to share on social media, and also create eye-catching designs using your event collateral and photos to get people talking after the event.


Identifying Tasks to Outsource

If you are overwhelmed with work but are unsure how to start delegating or even what you could delegate here’s how we can help:

  • Download our guide to outsourcing ’30 ways to use a Virtual Assistant’;
  • Try our quiz to help you decide what type of support would be best for you;
  • Book a 1:1 and we can explore what tasks you do on a day to day basis and suggest how using a Virtual Assistant can take off the pressure;
  • Book a consultation day where we can spend time with you and help you identify what you can outsource

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