Empower Hour

Whether you are new to starting up a business, or have been established for a number of years, there’s often a time when you simply run out of steam and don’t know which way to turn or what to focus on.

It might be a time where you know you need to ask for help, but aren’t in the position to invest in support from a Virtual Assistant on an ongoing basis, but you recognise that you do need some form of help, to enable you to do it yourself.

This is where our Empower Hour can help.

In just an hour, we can explore where your business is at, where you want to go, and what’s stopping you. We can draw on our years of experience to provide ideas and suggestions for what you can do next and where you should focus your energy to get the quickest and most impactful results.

Maybe you are setting up and need to make sure you have everything covered?

Or you might be well established and need to bring in new business, and need new ideas for your business development and marketing?

We can help empower you – and help you clear your mind and refocus.

How good would it feel to concentrate on YOU, and regain that spark and enthusiasm for your business?

Prior to the session I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help us prepare for the call

After the session you will be sent a recording of the call and a summary of the ideas we came up with, along with links to any resources and tools we discussed.

What's included in an Empower Hour?

Find out what’s included in an Empower Hour

Joanne Manville

“We have a small gardening business, my husband is the gardener and is a sole trader and we didn’t then employ any contractors. I work full time but was trying to manage the admin for the business and my other job – very difficult.

We were at the point when we just didn’t feel motivated, lacking in professionalism, couldn’t be bothered and to be honest we wanted to give it all up. Our son even commented on how much more we could do with the business!

I know Jo in a professional capacity and as a friend so knew that if anyone could motivate me it would be her. I booked an Empower Hour with her and it was the best hour that I could have spent. Jo knew exactly where the problems were, she offered solutions to them and informed me of systems such as Xero that could help with our accounting processes. Jo offered suggestions to improve the business direction and even knew about grants that were available, which we went on to secure. Her expertise and professionalism shines through when she speaks to you which rubs off on you.

We now have got a new passion for our business, have employed some contractors, got new systems set up and are driven again. We both feel excited and want the business to grow. I would recommend an hour of your time to speak to Jo about how you can improve your business it is worth every penny.

Amanda and Gordon

Gordon’s Gardening Services