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Client: Engineering Company

As we had a newly established Board and needed support, and we were unclear on what would be required and how much support would be needed, we decided to engage the services of Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance. Joanne appointed Kirsten to help us with our Board and Committee meetings, which included coordinating and rescheduling meeting dates as required, setting up virtual and in person meetings and minuting these virtually, which has been very beneficial for the business. Kirsten has put into place all of the systems and processes that we needed, helped ensure meeting packs were prepared in good time ahead of the meetings and circulated to the Board members and provided additional support for our NEDs.

We have been very happy with the service provided, and would recommend JMVA to other businesses.

Charlotte Blackler

I was struggling with regular posting on social media and ensuring that our posts aligned with our brand's style and image. I met Joanne via a networking group and approached her to see if she and her team could help, and she introduced me to Daniela. I delegated the task of daily Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts in the lead-up to a crucial competition, as well as the creation of a newsletter. Working with Daniela has saved me a significant amount of time and headspace. My business now presents a more professional image, which has made a noticeable difference, in terms of an increase in engagement and followers on our social media platforms.


This has made me feel more in control of my business and its online presence. For entrepreneurs looking to manage their workload and maintain their sanity, I highly recommend giving a virtual assistant a try. If you don't have the luxury of a dedicated team, a VA could make a real impact on your workflow and overall business success.

Charlotte Blackler, Founder, Mena

Jonathan Braddick

I was struggling with balancing work commitments and family life, which is why I decided to contact Joanne, and I can say it was a great decision because it has enabled me to spend more time with my family.  Joanne introduced me to Kirsten who has done an excellent job with office administration tasks, and I’m now looking forward to asking for Kirsten’s help with more tasks within the business. Working with Joanne and Kirsten has been very easy from the start and I can happily recommend their services to other entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, my only advice would be “don’t hesitate!”

Jonathan Braddick, Panel Chair and Panel Manager, The Design Review Panel


Paul Reynolds

We were planning to exhibit at the Futurebuild exhibition in London and needed someone to manage the project - such as coordinating the marketing materials, stand, and getting everything to the venue - but did not have the capacity within our team. That's when I decided to contact Joanne, and I'm happy to say it was a great decision for our business.

Joanne introduced me to Jayne who was able to take on the project management of the exhibition preparation, allowing me to focus on other important aspects of my business. The difference I noticed in my stress level was significant, and it was such a relief to be able to hand over this major task to someone I could trust.

Working with Joanne and Jayne has been extremely easy and I would definitely recommend Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance to other entrepreneurs who need help with managing their workload and reducing their stress levels. Joanne and Jayne are true professionals and a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Paul Reynolds, CEO, FSD Active Ltd

Emma-Louise Singh and Emma Low

We were struggling under a mountain of admin tasks and were feeling quite stressed about it all. But ever since having Natasha take over our invoicing and data entry,it has have freed up a lot of time that we can spend focusing on growingour business. Even meetings have become more efficient.

Less things to worry about is always a good thing, so we would certainly recommend Joanne and her team to other entrepreneurs.

Emma-Louise Singh and Emma Low, Directors, Nova Fundraising 

Natalie Thornicroft

Knowing I can rely on things just being done in the background has had a hugely positive impact in the business. I have peace of mind knowing that I can trust the team to use their initiative along with getting things done.

Simply put, it’s a blessing to know that I’m working with great people and I sometimes feel extremely spoilt by it all.

Since working with Joanne and the team I’ve been particularly impressed by the all round efficiency of everyone. It certainly doesn’t feel like an external body supporting the business, it feels like Joanne and Co are part of the business and part of the team.

Natalie Thornicroft, Director, People & Culture, Titanbay

Joe Scarpetta

With the support of Joanne and the JMVA team, we’ve been able to focus on more than one key area at a time. As the business keeps growing, there are more and more activities I can pass to Joanne and the team. This clears my desk and allows me the time and headspace to focus on business development and revenue generating tasks.

Time-management and delegation were fast becoming an absolute necessity, trying to fit everything in while running a business was impossible, and the more we grew as a company, the more tasks were being deprioritised.

Gareth Earle

As a business, what Joanne and the team bring is a friendly support service that’s flexible to the needs of the company or individual which has been critical, particularly this year.

Working with Joanne and the team has certainly made my role easier in terms of freeing up headspace and time to focus on the important task of delivering the best that I can to the APMP UK members. The peace of mind is great, knowing we have the support and flexibility of services when we need them.

Gareth Earle, Former Chapter Chair, APMP UK

Simon Nicholls

Inevitably, as a business gets busier, you need someone to do the day-to-day stuff so that you can do the fun stuff, the work that you like doing. I already know how valuable it is to have that assistance, so this was the obvious solution.

Having a virtual PA ‘feels’ like a luxury but you soon realise it’s a necessity. Hiring a VA is a business investment rather than a cost, it has really helped me make better use of my time and I would recommend Joanne and her team to anyone with their own business

Simon Nicholls, Managing Director, Olympus Power Ltd

Sam Delbaere

Working with Joanne has been transformative – she has helped me to move towards creating accessible systems and processes so that I can outsource many of the tasks I was previously stuck doing inefficiently myself. Perhaps just as importantly working with Joanne has also made me feel differently about my business, she is far more than a PA she is another member of the team who shows a genuine interest in, and commitment to my business. I would recommend her without reservation.

Sam Delbaere, Company Founder, Transition Tradition Ltd

Sanchia Ryan

We are a small charity, with a part-time CEO who desperately needed support with administrative tasks that were stealing time from the strategic elements of the role. Joanne paired us with Suzy, who has enabled me to create greater efficiency of operations across the board. I have found it invaluable to have Suzy’s insight, attention to detail and skill available to me. Not only has it been uplifting and supportive, but it has also freed up my time to concentrate on strategy. 

Suzy was worth her weight in gold! Consider having a Virtual Assistant as an investment in your business that will pay dividends. I was surprised by how much work she was able to complete, in a relatively short period of time

Sanchia Ryan, CEO, The Juno Project

Ruth Dwight

I decided to hire a Virtual Assistant as I was spending lots of time on admin, and was finding it difficult to squeeze in all the client work that I was being paid to do. Natasha has helped with a wide range of tasks such as financial organisation, formatting reports and presentations, setting up surveys and research; as well as some lifestyle support.

This has saved me time, stopped me getting bogged down with admin, and holds me to account!

Ruth Dwight, Charity consultant, Ruth Dwight Consulting

Lizz Jones

Quite simply, I wouldn’t have been able to get the business to its current position without Jayne’s help and support.  The term “VA” doesn’t do her role justice: she takes an active part in all aspects of the business, not just the activities I delegate to her. 

This has enabled me to involve her in more strategic ongoing projects, and I value her input and contributions.  It is also helpful to know that there are other members of your team that can step up when there are specific skillsets that neither Jayne nor I have.  This is where our conversations every few months are useful – I can bring Joanne up to date with our plans, and she is able to match that into the skillset of her wider team.

Lizz Jones, Tallant Jones

Marsha Miles

Before having a virtual assistant, I was struggling to improve processes in my business and manage customer relationships. Since working with Joanne, I have been able to improve my client onboarding system, alongside being able to better manage my projects and sales leads.

As a result of this, I feel very supported by the team’s help, and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future. I would definitely urge other entrepreneurs to seek out Joanne and her team!

Marsha Miles, Marsha Miles Consultancy

Tess Nixon Spiller

Before working with Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance, I was struggling with things such as lack of systems and processes and my client list was growing. I am now receiving help with questionnaires, spreadsheets and system development. Working with a virtual assistant has introduced me to people and products that save me time such as IT support and Calendly, and this improves the quality of my customer experience because delegating these tasks has meant I can focus more on client delivery. As a result of this – my life is easier and I feel much lighter! I have found it extremely easy to work with a VA, and I’d recommend it to any other entrepreneurs seeking virtual assistants. I would rate the service provided by JMVA as excellent!

Tess Nixon Spiller, Consultant

Claire Hall

I contacted Joanne as I was struggling to find time for social media scheduling and routine updates to blog posts on my websites. With Natasha's help, posts on my websites are being updated much quicker than I could have done them.

It's taken a weight off my mind knowing I don't have to add tasks to my own to-do list where they may sit for weeks, making me feel guilty.

It has been a relief to delegate tasks and focus more on the creative elements of my work.

Claire Hall, Devon With Kids & Tin Box Traveller

Sawsan Khuri

Being able to delegate previously time-consuming tasks such as calendaring, website updating and event logistics, has given me much more time. This allows me to feel more in control and I found working with Michelle very easy.

I would definitely recommend Joanne and her team to fellow entrepreneurs.

Sawsan Khuri, Collaborative Capacities

Louise Morris
I started looking for a VA as there just weren't enough hours in the week; I was struggling to progress my marketing activity effectively and felt constantly rushed.

I'm so delighted I decided to work with Joanne and Ellen. Working with them has been a game-changer! My business has grown by 50% in the 2 years and I've been able to help even more charities raise vital gifts. I've no doubt that this wouldn't have happened without them.

Ellen's helped me to develop a professional brand and website, she completes tasks that would take me many minutes/hours in a snap, plans and develops my e-marketing and social media campaigns and is an integral part of the team!

If you are thinking of using a VA - take the leap and contact Joanne Manville Associates - you won't look back.

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Client: Accountant

I was having trouble keeping on top of my emails, and was 'fire-fighting' rather than working in an organised and efficient way. I engaged the support of Joanne's team and they were able to help me with email inbox management, scheduling and responding to clients.

As a result, I feel that important emails have been picked out and not lost, enabling us to provide a better client service and a much more professional approach.

If you are considering working with a VA, my advice would be to put them above everybody else, respond to them always and share the load when the number of tasks lined up is unachievable.

Glenn Redler

We were looking to move offices and wanted someone to assist with the process. Joanne matched us with Tamsin as out lead virtual assistant, and she helped us to find a location and arranged a removal firm. It took a lot of pressure off me and allowed me to focus on doing what I do normally, rather than losing time and wasting time and effort doing something that may have taken me longer to do than Joanne and her team. Having a virtual assistant support us through what could have been a very stressful period has helped so much to maintain our working time which has left us feeling relieved! I know many who say they couldn't afford a VA, but then struggle doing tasks that they're not suited to. Being able to handover certain tasks will no doubt make you more productive in the long run.

Glenn Redler, GX Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services

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Client: Leadership & Management Coach

Before working with Joanne, I was struggling with prioritising and delivering on business growth. She has helped with managing a project and website development so far. Through working with her, I have been able to let go of all the stuff I have struggled to prioritise. I would recommend Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance to other entrepreneurs.

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Client: Renewable Energy Company

The main thing we were struggling with prior to working with Joanne was time. Joanne now helps us with our diary, travel, research tasks and reaching out to potential clients. We have found we now have more time to focus on better suited activities.

Citizens Advice Exeter

We enlisted Joanne’s help as we needed help with a project launch. She has helped with setting up a telephone helpline and monitoring calls. We have found working with her extremely helpful not only with allocated tasks but by being a very proactive member of the Project Team. We would advise anyone thinking of hiring a virtual assistant to try it – because this was our first time in using one and it is proving to be very effective!

Citizens Advice Exeter

Nikki Heaton Bennett

Before working with Joanne, I was struggling with administration, my website and promotional material. I have found that working with a virtual assistant has made life so much easier – knowing that someone else can do what I need doing (and far better!) – it leaves my head clear for what I am good at. Because of this, the possibilities of increasing my business have grown massively. My advice to anyone considering working with a virtual assistant is – get one! It’s cost effective in the long run.

Nikki Heaton Bennett, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach

Chris Brown

I was starting a new business and struggling to get everything done quickly enough. In particular, I needed help with email automation, CRM, and integration of a payment engine and accounting software. I spent some time finding the right VA for me and have been delighted with Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance. Both Joanne and Tilly have been interested, helpful, responsive, and forward-looking. I am delighted with the digital and admin services that I have received and will be looking to broaden them as my new business develops.

Chris Brown, Nichris People

John Harvey

Day to day admin was the main thing I was struggling with in my business. I have now delegated admin, event support, invoicing and bookkeeping. I feel that working with a Joanne allows me to concentrate my time in the areas I am most effective. I’d advise anyone considering it to ask your network for recommendations, go with your gut, it requires trust and must feel right.

John Harvey, The Samphire Club

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Client: Psychologist and founder of a pioneering mental health supplement business

I needed help with designing and running shopify; mailchimp; packaging and ad campaigns. I have delegated tasks such as packaging research, theme change, ad campaigns and SEO. Working with Tilly, I have found the communication to be friendly – Joanne and Tilly are on the same wavelength and they are professional, making me feel less exhausted.

Matthew Barrett

I was sinking under admin before finding Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance. I have since delegated invoicing / quotes / T&C's etc / improving the efficiency of my systems and automating my accounting. It’s been hugely helpful in making my new business much more streamlined and efficient, in turn making me feel more relaxed! Anyone thinking of working with a virtual assistant should go for it....its way easier than I ever imagined it would be!

Matthew Barrett, Valley Chartered Surveyors

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Client: Leadership, Management and Business Training Consultancy

Before working with Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance, we struggled with complex diary management. We have delegated tasks such as diary management and client liaison. Working with Claire has been brilliant. She is incredibly proactive, diligent, and reliable. I know we are in safe hands! The differences we have noticed include the excellent service for our clients, and a gradual streamlining of the diary. We are grateful for all Claire’s professional help and support. We’d advise anyone thinking about working with a virtual assistant to take the leap, it will free up your time.

Karen Morton

Tasks I have delegated to Michelle, my lead virtual assistant included supporting version control and formatting of lots of policies as well as supporting collation of information for fundraising. I feel that it would have been very difficult to manage the quality standards work without the support. I have found working with a virtual assistant extremely easy and would recommend Joanne and her team.

Karen Morton, The Capability Company

Sarah Carpenter

Before working with Joanne, the things I was struggling with were organisation, having unprofessional documents, and everything else! I have delegated everything apart from the actual job I do! I'm more relaxed, have more free time and feel like the business is growing. Having a virtual assistant has changed my life and Jo could not be more helpful.

Sarah Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter Sleep

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Client: Marketing Consultant

We were struggling with Facebook advertising expertise and have delegated tasks including strategy and set-up of a customer's Facebook advertising. Working with Joanne and Tilly has given me a huge sense of relief as well as the ability to broaden my offer to my customers - not to mention the feeling like I have a new member on my team. My advice to any entrepreneurs thinking of working with a virtual assistant would be don’t be scared to delegate!

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Client: Charity Consultant

I had too much admin that wasn't leaving me any time to have an overview of the company, and the tasks I have delegated include wordpress updates, emails, image submissions and invoicing which has freed up my time to look at developing the business. I have found it much easier to be able to pass on tasks rather than doing everything myself. I would advise anyone thinking of working with a virtual assistant to go for it. I have found it very easy to work with a virtual assistant and would recommend Joanne and her team.

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Mark Johnstone

Before working with Joanne and her team, I was doing far too many things that I didn't need to be doing. Joanne introduced me to Zita, and Zita has helped with booking flights and accommodation, competitor research, and social media research. This allowed me much greater chunks of time to focus on the things I enjoy and the things that will help the company grow and move in a new direction. It also just made me less frustrated, spending time doing those things. Since working with Zita, I have had more time for creative and high value tasks which gives me more enjoyment too - and less frustration. I would rate the overall service I have received from my virtual assistant, Zita, as excellent. For any other entrepreneurs seeking virtual assistants I would say do it - get your time back to focus on the things you most enjoy and where you add the most value.

Mark Johnstone

Alona MacKay

The task that led me to begin working with a virtual assistant was invoice chasing, delegating this to a virtual assistant has freed up my time, giving me more time to work on other things. I have found working with a virtual assistant very easy and would advise anyone thinking of working with a virtual assistant if they can outsource any tasks, then do so - you can't do everything long term.

Alona MacKay, Aquamarine

Helen Bennett

I had been struggling with admin tasks with LinkedIn and working with Joanne has helped with time constraints. I found working with Joanne very easy, and I would rate the overall service as excellent.

Helen Bennett, The Business Network

Mary Waring

Before working with Joanne, I was struggling with website updates and planning events. Working with a virtual assistant has freed up my time and saved me spending energy on these tasks. For anyone thinking of working with a virtual assistant I advise them to do it. it will save time & wasted energy to spend on other things you love & are good at.

Mary Waring

Tony Horsey

I approached Joanne to help me with setting up a CRM as well as for help with time management, marketing and to act as a sounding board. Joanne paired me with Justine which has been really great. In the last few months, Justine has set up and manages our social media content, our time recording systems, carries out research on business areas that we are interested in and keeps us on track with all of our actions. She is a very valued part of our team.

If you are looking to start working with a VA, I'd recommend that you allow more time than you think you'll need (yours and theirs) for the first few months, then review - this has helped get my business off to a great start.

Tony Horsey, Ortus Property Development

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Client: Charity Fundraising Consultant

I started looking for a VA as I was finding there were just not enough hours in the day, and I was also struggling to progress my marketing due to a lack of knowledge around mailchimp and social media.

After reaching out to my network, was introduced to Joanne. Joanne paired me with Ellen and working with her has been a game changer! Her support has enabled me to do more promotion which has in turn led to more enquiries, proposals and more work. I've increased the SM channels I'm present on so I'm now seen as more of an expert and people are reaching out to me with opportunities. My brand also looks professional and consistent now.

If you are thinking of using a VA - take the leap, you won't look back and you will quickly make the investment back.

Emma Insley

Thank you for everything you have done and do to help me to systemise and grow my business - you've been a huge help! The team have been brilliant too!

Emma Insley, Insley Consulting Limited

Gordon and Amanda Williams

We have a small gardening business, my husband is the gardener and is a sole trader and we didn’t then employ any contractors. I work full time but was trying to manage the admin for the business and my other job – very difficult. We were at the point when we just didn’t feel motivated, lacking in professionalism, couldn’t be bothered and to be honest we wanted to give it all up. Our son even commented on how much more we could do with the business!

I know Jo in a professional capacity and as a friend so knew that if anyone could motivate me it would be her. I booked an Empower Hour with her and it was the best hour that I could have spent. Jo knew exactly where the problems were, she offered solutions to them and informed me of systems such as Xero that could help with our accounting processes. Jo offered suggestions to improve the business direction and even knew about grants that were available, which we went on to secure. Her expertise and professionalism shines through when she speaks to you which rubs off on you.

We now have got a new passion for our business, have employed some contractors, got new systems set up and are driven again. We both feel excited and want the business to grow. I would recommend an hour of your time to speak to Jo about how you can improve your business it is worth every penny.

Gordon and Amanda Williams, Gordon's Gardening Services

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Client: Consultant

I approached Joanne for support with diary management, posting blogs and assistance in setting up a survey in Survey Monkey, I found her very easy to work with and it was particularly helpful to know she is there if I need her, to help with the stuff I don't have time for, both in my business and personally. If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, my advice would be to meet two or three and make sure you feel you have the right person for you.

Consultant, December 2019

Abigail Langridge

Joanne is a fountain of knowledge and is a fantastic support to me as I scale my business. She offers personal advice and experience which is incredibly valuable as I am following in her footsteps! I highly recommend Joanne not only as a Virtual Assistant but as a consultant to your business. Her ‘Empower Hours’ are without doubt, a resource which propel you personally & professionally. She is honest, thorough & will always find a solution to your problem. I love being part of her professional world.

Abigail Langridge, Poppins PA

Anna Rogers

I did an Empower Hour with Joanne for my business. I wanted to talk to her about potential ways to:

(a) expand and grow my business

(b) streamline some of my processes

(c) build a better customer relationship database

Joanne was brilliant. She offered me lots of information, challenged some of my assumptions and really helped me to consider my options.

It was incredibly useful as she used her wealth of knowledge and experience to shine a light on some ideas I had not considered. In particular I found the discussion around the CRM most useful. I felt I didn't need one until recently and Joanne was able to articulate the pros and cons without all the jargon. It was an hour well spent and I came away with a much clearer view of a number of potential paths my own business could take. - highly recommended.

Anna Rogers, Digital Annie

Vicki Jackson

I've known Jo for over six years now - first, at the Ambulance Service, and more recently through her own business as a VA. In both roles, I found Jo to be a trusted ally - unflappable, discreet, and most importantly, someone who gets things done. She has supported Intellitender with a number of things from traditional virtual assistance, recruitment and even bid writing: a challenge Jo took on with a smile on her face and a determination to do her very best. The bid won of course! I would not hesitate to recommend her if you need a capable pair of hands to do almost anything! Thanks for everything, Jo

Vicki Jackson, Lead Consultant and Managing Director - Intellitender Ltd

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Client, January 2019

Working with Joanne has been transformative - she has helped me to move towards creating accessible systems and processes so that I can outsource many of the tasks I was previously stuck doing inefficiently myself. Perhaps just as importantly working with Joanne has also made me feel differently about my business, she is far more than a PA she is another member of the team who shows a genuine interest in, and commitment to my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Client, Consultant, January 2019

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Client, January 2019

I first contacted Joanne as I needed assistance managing my paperwork and book keeping. I work for myself and run two separate and quite distinct business – legal services and yoga and healing. I was really behind on all on all of my paperwork and Joanne got it all up to date for me really quickly.

My work is very varied and sometimes can be quite complex. I can be working in the office for the day for one of my legal clients and in the evening teaching one to one yoga for children with special needs or teaching specialist yoga classes. I explained to Joanne at the start that I planned to grow my yoga and healing business but I was very busy with my legal work and I needed someone that could help support me on the journey. Joanne has been fabulous support from starting with admin and book-keeping through to assisting with organising retreats, sourcing venues, creating brochures, companies house filings and more. Whatever task I throw at Joanne she always completes the task efficiently and effectively.

If Joanne doesn’t have experience on the task she is happy to research the best method and ask her network of VA’s for recommendations. I have said to Joanne on several occasions that I wouldn’t have been able to manage growing the business without her support over the past couple of years.

Client, January 2019

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Client, January 2019
Joanne was recommended to me at a time when I was struggling to balance the various aspects of running a fast-growing company with the time-constraints that arrived with our second child having just been born.
Joanne was able to quickly and efficiently take ownership of the administrative tasks that I had been pushing to one side, allowing my time to be focused on supporting our management team in taking on more responsibility for the growth of the company. I have since encouraged various colleagues to use Joanne’s services and she has become a vital member of our extended team.
Juggling a young family with the pressures of running a company has been made exponentially easier knowing that Joanne is able to take on tasks with a high level of professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail.
Client, January 2019
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Client, January 2019

Joanne has been supporting us for some years now and has become an integral part of the business, chasing up outstanding invoices, sending out reminders to our staff and generally keeping us on our toes. She has also introduced a system whereby all members of the team are able to input their weekly timesheets directly into our accounts system, instead of them having to be rekeyed manually.

This all amounts to greater efficiency and improved cash flow so Joanne has had a very positive impact on our company and long may this continue!

Client, January 2019

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Deauke Robbens

I had been struggling with overwhelm and creative and technical challenges prior to working with Joanne. She has since helped with some design work, and I am looking to outsource some other tasks to her including mass email sending, content creation for the blog, and a social media strategy. I feel more at peace now that everything is going to be ok now that I am surrounding myself more and more with experts in their field. For anyone looking to hire a virtual assistant – my advice would be - hire Joanne, she is awesome!

Deauke Robbens, Owner, Barn Sante

Business owner in his office
Justin Elliott

Joanne has supported us with time management, minute taking, action follow ups, scheduling appointments and recruitment administration.

It has definitely given me peace of mind - I know that I can ask Joanne to complete a task and it will be done quickly and efficiently, rather than sitting on my to do pile gathering dust, and I can focus more time on other areas of growing the business and managing people.

Justin Elliott, Managing Director, LeadsToYou

Business woman
Lucy Flanagan

I decided that I needed the support of a Virtual Assistant to help with the administrative tasks that drained my energy. I started working with Joanne in May, to help with social media. managing events and supporting project launches. Her support has enabled Mumazing to grow its audience, have continuity and a structure. It has also given me time to start working on the growth. On a personal note Jo joined my team when I was going through a tough time emotionally due to a personal situation, she assisted me on keeping my business going when I didn't have the head space to.

Lucy Flanagan, Founder, Mumazing Success

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Client: Leadership Development Consultant

I decided that I needed the support of a Virtual Assistant as my workload had increased but I was still doing all of the work and was finding it harder and harder to stay on top of everything which was making me feel rather stressed! Joanne now manages all my financial administration and maintaining the process documents, and has also helped with website updates, social media reviews/implementation and other tasks. Having Joanne as a VA has helped me to begin the process of untangling what in my business must be done by me and what actually should be done by others! This is a huge step forward and feels really liberating, and I already feel lighter and less weighed down by the multitude of tasks that were beginning to feel overwhelming. Thank you!

Leadership Development Consultant, December 2017

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Carol Williams

Joanne is a breath of fresh air and exactly what I would have hoped for in a VA. She’s professional, kind, personable, reliable. She gets after me but does not really “bug” me. What I am particularly impressed with is how quickly she navigated and learned a proprietary CRM system I use. I have found myself referring her directly to at least two people and we are only in our second month of working together! I am looking forward to a long and satisfying relationship with Joanne.

Carol Williams, Coach, Efficient Productivity Systems

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Ian Smith

Joanne has been supporting me with diary management, tender job admin, handling enquiries, internal communications and handling incoming calls. I have found her very easy to work with and her support has enabled the business to be less dependent on me being around. It has also freed up some of my time and I feel better organised. I would advise other business owners not to hesitate in engaging her services - it will help you tremendously.

Ian Smith, Chief Executive, Winning Tenders

Alex Palmer, Kina Events
Alex Palmer

I decided to look for a Virtual Assistant as I had been struggling to find enough time to manage my diary and carry out other admin tasks. I have found it invaluable to free up this time to allow me to work on other things essential to my events business and since working with Joanne, I feel less stressed out, and am no longer worrying that I might have missed something. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne’s services to other entrepreneurs.

Alex Palmer, Founder, Kina Events Management

Kim Algar, Cinnabar
Kim Algar

Cinnabar engaged Joanne’s services towards the beginning of this year in the capacity of a personal assistant. I have found Joanne to be a very well organised individual, who has great discipline and determination. Joanne is very focused and remains calm under pressure. Joanne’s conscientious and motivated attitude has proven invaluable to my business.

Kim Algar, Owner, Cinnabar Limited

Happy Tokens
Michelle Westgarth-Graham

I can’t begin to thank you for the phenomenal job you have done with the literature. Stuck for weeks on the literature for my business you provided clarity and structure in 24/48 hours – it is so much more straight-forward and your ideas to re-arrange it work really well. Your work was easy to understand, constructive and complimentary. You proved your worth, understood my approach and attracted my potential business. I was afraid to ask for help as I felt I was handing over the reins, somewhat, to someone who doesn’t know me or care as much about my business as me but this was certainly not the case handing over to you.

Thank you for your quick and friendly service. As usual you have gone above and beyond completing the task ahead of time, no fuss and no inflated prices. You offer everything a small business looks for. I will definitely be using you again.

Michelle Westgarth-Graham, Happy Tokens

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Alice Schamroth


Since the moment I had my first meeting with Jo I felt I was in a really safe pair of hands. Her experience, strategic logic and incredible organisation has helped me to grow my 3 creative businesses enormously. She has an incredible talent for being able to quickly diagnose an issue and come up with a detailed plan of how to resolve them & has effortlessly put systems in place in my business which leave me free to do what I do best creatively. The best decision I ever made was to ask for her help.

Alice Schamroth, The Vintage Wedding Photographer

Trevor Isherwood, Isherwood and Company
Trevor Isherwood

Joanne has had a hugely positive influence on our business. As a consultancy that operates mainly internationally we’re constantly on the move, so having Joanne to keep projects on track, research information for us and prepare materials whilst we’re out of the office means that we can be more responsive to our client's requests as well as focusing on the strategic activities that add most value.

Trevor Isherwood, Managing Director, Isherwood & Company

Caroline Wolf
Caroline Wolf

I was looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me with an initial project on Facebook, and I was very lucky to find Joanne on LinkedIn. I wasn't sure about using a Virtual Service but Joanne put me at my ease and I feel very confident in working with her. She was polite, professional and quick and most importantly she always keeps me in the loop of what is going on and when the work will be done. I shall definitely be working with Joanne in the future.

Caroline Wolf, Founder,Capsule Wardrobe Collection

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