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Business Support

I first contacted Joanne as I needed assistance managing my paperwork and book keeping. I work for myself and run two separate and quite distinct business – legal services and yoga and healing. I was really behind on all on all of my paperwork and Joanne got it all up to date for me really quickly.

My work is very varied and sometimes can be quite complex. I can be working in the office for the day for one of my legal clients and in the evening teaching one to one yoga for children with special needs or teaching specialist yoga classes. I explained to Joanne at the start that I planned to grow my yoga and healing business but I was very busy with my legal work and I needed someone that could help support me on the journey. Joanne has been fabulous support from starting with admin and book-keeping through to assisting with organising retreats, sourcing venues, creating brochures, companies house filings and more. Whatever task I throw at Joanne she always completes the task efficiently and effectively.

If Joanne doesn’t have experience on the task she is happy to research the best method and ask her network of VA’s for recommendations. I have said to Joanne on several occasions that I wouldn’t have been able to manage growing the business without her support over the past couple of years.

Client, January 2019