I was struggling with regular posting on social media and ensuring that our posts aligned with our brand’s style and image. I met Joanne via a networking group and approached her to see if she and her team could help, and she introduced me to Daniela. I delegated the task of daily Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts in the lead-up to a crucial competition, as well as the creation of a newsletter. Working with Daniela has saved me a significant amount of time and headspace. My business now presents a more professional image, which has made a noticeable difference, in terms of an increase in engagement and followers on our social media platforms.


This has made me feel more in control of my business and its online presence. For entrepreneurs looking to manage their workload and maintain their sanity, I highly recommend giving a virtual assistant a try. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated team, a VA could make a real impact on your workflow and overall business success.

Charlotte Blackler, Founder, Mena