Case Study - Sarah Carpenter Sleep

Why a VA?

Sarah’s business is the ultimate success story, starting from humble beginnings and growing at such a pace, Sarah became somewhat overwhelmed with just how much she needed to do each day.


Sarah knew she should be doing what she loved doing and what she’s good at – working with her clients to support them on their parenting journeys, but the admin and overall activities that come with running a successful business were taking their toll.


Sarah had no system in place for her clients invoicing process, and her inbox was overflowing so she decided she needed some help to manage her day-to-day workload and streamline her business.

About Sarah Carpenter: Baby and Child Sleep Expert

After many years of assisting families worldwide, Sarah was able to pinpoint where she could best use her extensive training and experience. Sarah works hand in hand with her clients, allowing them to grow in confidence, make informed decisions and receive tailor-made non-judgemental advice to enable people to enjoy their journey as parents. Sarah is a Norland Qualified sleep expert with 20+ years of experience.


We spoke to Sarah to get her take on what support and solutions Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance provides to her successful business, and why having this support is vital.

“All the changes I’ve had to make have been hugely positive and beneficial for my business. I feel more relaxed and in control since going to Joanne and the team, they are excellent.”

“There was no judgment from Joanne, and I knew she would be able to help my business thrive.” 

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The benefits

Sarah’s processes are now automated where possible and streamlined to remove the headache of having to do everything manually. Sarah has Xero set up for invoicing, as well as her diary managed so she knows what she has on each day in advance. This allows Sarah peace of mind, knowing everything is organised.

Time-management is hugely important when running a successful business, and Sarah now has the ability to manage her time easily with a helping hand from JMVA.


Sarah now feels stress-free, and feels her business is being taken more seriously after having implemented the new systems and processes. The level of streamlining and support has enabled Sarah’s business to continue to grow.

Adding value

Sarah has many strings to her bow and so JMVA has also helped organise her website, as well as create professional, consistent, branded documentation for her clients and marketing.

Why Us

Sarah’s mum recommended Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance to her after having worked with another organisation Joanne also worked with. Sarah said upon speaking with Joanne she felt a sense of calm, and knew she’d made the right choice.

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